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Pink Eye FAQs From Our Optometrist

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Seattle-based Optometrist Discusses Pink Eye

Pink eye is technically any condition that turns the eye pink, but when most people use this term, they are referring to infectious pinkeye – a very contagious type of eye disease. It spreads readily in crowded places like schools and offices. Here is some information about it from Jackson Vision Clinic in Seattle:

What Types of Infectious Pinkeye Are There?

There are three broad subcategories of pinkeye: bacterial, viral, and fungal. Bacterial and fungal pinkeye microorganisms are vulnerable to antibacterial and antifungal eye drops, respectively, so these are prescribed to sufferers. Viral pinkeye, on the other hand, is not cured with drops. Therefore, any that are prescribed are meant only to improve patient comfort.

Symptoms of Pinkeye

The most obvious symptom is the one that gives it its name: pink (or red) eyes. The color is due to the irritation caused by the invading microbes. Other symptoms, however, are what differentiate it from things like allergies and fatigue.

Be on the lookout for pus and similar eye discharge, light sensitivity, soreness, itching, and other bothersome symptoms. If the type or severity show that it is unlikely to be eye allergies, be sure to see an eye doctor right away.

Can Pinkeye Cause Blindness?

It is rare, but it can happen. Fungal pinkeye is the most likely kind to involve a sight-threatening microbe. Fortunately, this type is rare. When it does come up, exposure to contaminated products, soil, or weeds is often involved. Be wary if you have had exposure to these things and come down with pinkeye.

How Can the Spread of Pink Eye be Slowed?

While nothing can completely eradicate pinkeye, its spread through a population can be minimized. Avoid sharing eyeglasses and other personal facial items, wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face after handling any suspect items.

What if I Suspect I have Pinkeye?

If you have pinkeye symptoms, come see our optometrist right away. An examination will reveal if you actually have it, and if so, what kind. You will then be prescribed the appropriate eye drops. If it turns out that you don’t have infectious pinkeye, you will be treated for your actual condition instead.

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